New zealand’s leading PIR insulated panel house, self sustained without structural framing. PIR panel is typically produced as foam and used as rigid thermal insulation with Luxteel finish attached. Its fabric comes in a variety of colours and patterns which cannot be produced by conventional painting work. In addition to this aesthetic advantage, construction time is dramatically reduced due to exemption of the painting and drywall processes


Why We Do It Better

We use proven methodology and experience to bring you the most accurate cost estimates, including:

  • Calling upon recent PC Construction projects for comparison
  • Utilizing relevant and regional bid information
  • Ensuring that we are accounting for temporary measures
  • Incorporating comprehensive phasing plans that could impact project cost and duration
  • Pricing a variety of options to streamline the decision-making
  • Breaking down the estimates by system or program area
  • Using forethought to present options that do not limit future plans